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    Prohormones and Drug testing for PL

    Hey, I compete in USAPL Powerlifting meets which is a Steroid /PH free fed. However I am considering running a cycle of some 1-test, maybe even throw in some wondering, would I be able to pass the drug test required for the meets or would this show up?...and how long would it take before I could? Thanks, If i can't compete because of this Ill just remain PH free I guess.

    For example, If I did a 30 day cycle from May 1 - May 30, wud there be any way possible I cud compete in a meet on June 15th? Is there a way I can pass?

    thanks so much
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    i'd save your money on that cycle, especially for only 30 days you will see minimal gains and then lose them right after

    if it's a natrual meet, don't cheat

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