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    Which Ephedrine-free "ECA" style stack do you recommend?

    Okay Ive been on Dymetadrine Xtreme before, an ECA stack, but i had bad results with it. Over the two week period I used it, with ED cardio which i never did before, I lost like 2 pounds. The effects on me were horrible....I got bad heartburn all the time, i always felt tired and lethargic, and my lifts all went DOWN.

    Now on Swole's Swolegenix and he recommends an ECA but after my bad experience and the fact that Im above normal in my blood pressure, last time I checked, I decided to go with an ephedrine free formula and he said pick any. Ive been using Xenadrine EFX for the past 3 weeks but it doesnt do anything for me, at least I think it doesnt. Im thinking of trying Tight by SAN or like ReForm by Scitec. What should I be looking for ingredient wise in an non-ephedrine formula....

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    i like homemade cuz its cheap

    many people feel Clenbutrx by VPX is a good one

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    Liquid Clenbutrx by VPX is a great product, but it has ephedra.

    If I were to pick an ephedra free version fat burner I would either use Scitec Reform or Isatori Lean System 7. Lean System 7 has been selling like crazy for us lately with very good results.

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