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    finish my eca/clen cycle

    well i hited an eca/clen cycle for 8 weeks and now i took 1 week of i am confused if i should clen or ripped fuel now so any advise will be help me !

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    I would take a little longer off and let your CNS rest a little more then start with either.


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    yo test... how did that cycle work out for you... did u do two weeks clen ... two weeks eca... two weeks clen... two weeks eca... results????

    i am looking to lose a significant amount of weight and i was thinking of doing that???

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    welli did the same and it helped a lot i shreded about 22lbs of fat and water but i think clen didnt do anything to me i had the best bulgarian clen and i use to take 140mcg-160mcg/day but nothing at all only light shaking i think i have a tolerance to clen so in the next cycle i will use only eca 2 weeks on 2 weeks off coz eca did well with me put the problem i dont know when to start the next 3 weeks after the last cycle or 4 weeks

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