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    eas whey protein

    hey guys,
    i'm really digging this shit. just picked up a bottle of from heb today. one scoop + 1 table spoon peanut butter + 3/4 cup soy milk = 20g protein shake that taste great! and because its 3/4 cups, you can down in like 2, easy.

    i'm a bit apprehensive though. most other protein powders suggest 2 >huge< scoops that taste like crap...added to like twice the amount of milk. anyone else have positive results with eas whey protein (not eas simply protein)? i'd really like to keep taking it cuz the serving size is soooo small and it actually tastes good.

    i've seen people recommend eas simply protein for the amino acids, but i get my amino acids from twin labs amino fuel.

    just looking for a little advice, thanks,
    -- clocky baby

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    ive had the eas muscle drive HP, tasted good, seemed to work ok. kinda expensive though. ive also had the eas simply whey which is pretty good tasting and has a lotta potein. but i think there are better brands than EAS. for a daily protein i reccomend "Designer Whey" (chocolate flavor). tastes good and seems to work nice.

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