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    Can women take Creatine?????

    What's up homies? I juststarted personal training, and this young lady is giving me the oppurtunity to train her for a fitness competition. It's a natural show and I know she needs a good diet, but can creatine help her also? I don't know, if not, what can she supplement to give her a hard and lean look. Thank You

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    Hey BigBlack!
    Well I´ve been taking creatine for a few months now and I personally feel a difference in strength and also I seem to be leaner.
    So I will say that she definetly should take creatine, it will help her to recover sooner after training and add strength.

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    I use the Creatine Tritrate. I love the difference it makes in my workouts. I was using regular creatine and it was ripping my stomach apart so I decided to try the Tritrate. I had to go off of it for 10 days because I just started NO2. I go back on creatine soon...with the NO2. Just make sure she takes in plenty of water.

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    if she is getting ready for comp creatine will not help makes you retain water but for bulking and training it is good no more harmful than dog food

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    I just read a great article on <a href="" target="_blank">creatine</a> . It talks about how you can even take it right up to the day before a comp.

    "Unfortunately, and this happens a lot, guys mistake the muscle cell volumization for water retention. They think using <a href="" target="_blank">creatine</a> will smooth out the look of their muscles and this couldnt be further from the truth!"

    as for women using it.... i think it will do good
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