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    Need advice on what to take!!!!

    I work at a vitamin store and we have several types of supplements for gaining muscle and leaning out. I want to gain a little muscle, but im more concerned with losing bodyfat. I would like your opinion on which supplements I should take, and whether I should take it alone, or combine it with other ones listed.

    -Universal Sterol Complex
    -"The Beast" Anabolic Activator
    -"The Beast" Sterobol Suspension
    -Ecdy-Max by EasHP
    -Tribex-500 Pro-Testosterone by Biotest

    I do currently own products like whey protein and cell-tech. As mentioned before I am concerned with losing bodyfat as well and I use Hydroxycut. Can I take any of these listed items to help with getting leaner and putting on a little muscle? I know that losing bodyfat I will not get huge gains in muscle size. Thanks for the help.

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    i think all those OTC test boosters are worthless
    might as well use the real stuff
    if you got cash to burn knock ur self out
    but if you wanna drop some weight just stick to the hydroxycut

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