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Thread: Supplements

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    Well I would rather use gear but what supplements should i use? I going to use all-nutrition to support this board and also they have great prices. I want size but not fat..I have enough of that! Moneys no object! Thanx for an replies!

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    if you're concerned about bf get an ECA stack, ripped fuel, hydroxycut

    protein is a MUST
    creatine will work well

    spend most of your money on a nice nutritional diet, it will help you more

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    i agree with withoutd0ubt if BF is a concern an E/C/A is your best bet.
    if you gonna do this naturally creatine and a sound diet and your hardwork will get you where you wanna be

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    Well, just listen to these 2 wise brothers and all should work out.

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    once again i will say this
    man go with micronized creatine , protien, good diet 4 times a day or more meals and if you dont mind the side effects and expense go with 1-ad prohormone 600 mgs a day for 6-8 weeks use 4-ad with it if you want better libido. and taper off at the end taking less and less. your libido will really suck when using if you dont stack with 4-ad. Also when using creatine load first week and then take recommeded last 4 weeks and then cycle it most people see more gains when cycling creatine then when using it nonstop for months.

    oh yah this will probaly cost you around 100 to 150 dollars mostly due to the cost of 1-ad/4-ad shop around for best cost on supplements. With the creatine cheap is not always best most of the time you get what you pay for. Get some micronized creatine with phosphourous transport or just get plain micronized creatine and mix it with gatorade. Or some liquid with sugar in it to help with absorption.

    Oh sorry forgot bout fat Um yah maybe you should listen to them or you can do cardio and work hard it will take sometime but most everything does.
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