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    Lost the fat, now i am to little

    I am pretty much a novice to lifting, and just have recently have gotten into this "lifestyle".i am an athlete who plays collegiate sports. I have really excellent endurance, but I have had a problem losing fat. I recently started a 5 week cycle of cytomel , stacked with xenadrine, and i am losing fat, like i took a miracle pill. I used to lift moderatley and be toned enough. i feel like i am losing significant muscle. What would someone recommend as a good way, to gain back some muscle. i have about 2 weeks left to my cycle, and i am looking to bulk up. should i start heavy lifting now, or wait. I am patient.

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    you should still be training with high intensity in every workout.... you are working out while losing weight right????!!!!!1

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    man if u wanna bulk.....lay off the fat burners. the 2 dont work together. either finish up the fat burners and then start bulking, or start bulking and drop the fat burners. to bulk u need calories, fat burners use up calories (not a good combination). do search for should find some very informative information on how to bulk, inlcuding workout advice and nutrition. good luck

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