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    Question restless/anxiety while on hydroxycut

    Hi bros, here it goes:
    My girfriend asked me to post this question for her:
    21yr of age, 132 lbs, 5ft 4 inches tall
    SHe is on her first day of hydroxycut, today she took 2 pills, morning and night before workout.
    she says she feels anxiety, and like she cant stay in one place, i told her thats the energy boost, but she rather hear it from you guys.
    she is also doing mild aerobics 1 hr, she worked up a sweat, she played softball in High school, and was used to working out, hasnt in a few yrs, never on hydroxycut, also has but has not taking any of the customized vitamins she purchased online (lifescript personalized vitamins)

    all the vita gurus, help!!!
    i dont have a problem with that i used xenadrine with ephedra and i'm used to i cant answer the question with more sence

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    DON"T take any ECA after 5pm it will keep you restless all night

    she will get used to it

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