Hey there bros,

I am looking to cut my abs big time..i have low body fat as it is 6'3 190 last measured at 5% and alot of that is my abs big time, i just have that stubborn layer of fat that no cardio......Any way to tell how if i am bloated down there behind the stubborn layer of fat? i cant tell my abs are pretty bloated, if i get the DF and i dont need the df then i guess it wont work as good ya know?

How did u guys decide what factors are necessary to use the df?
I have done alot of reading on this but couldnt find the answers to the specific questions...Give me as much feedback as u can to help u guys what decided, did anyone actually get better results using the original versuses the df?

And if i have low blood levels of potassium should i not do the df? been taking high dosages to bring my levels back up of 1400 mg of pottassium a day..doctor advised.

Thanks for your help guys!