I'm considering buying an 'all in one' formula which contains protein and creatine alond with various other supplements such as l-glutamine, HMB, ALC, etc. (Reputable company, all ingredient quantities look good).

It also contains 21g of dextrose per serving along with a supplement called D-PINITOL, which apparently increases creatine uptake without the need for a large serving of simple sugars (e.g. dextrose). This is enough dextrose according to the manufacturer.

My question is this, should I still consume more simple sugars than this after my workouts, even though it is claimed I don't need to cos of the added D-pinitol???

I know that most of you guys consume quite a lot of dextrose post-workout, but if I dont need these large amounts then I will just stick to the amount in the shake (i.e. 21g) as I don't want to risk gaining a lot of fat.