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Thread: Fat Burner

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    Fat Burner

    I am getting to the end of my first one boys and I really want to shed some fat toward the end. I want to do two weeks fat burner and then with clomid I will be using clen . I would like to start this monday and want to make internet order for burner, can you guys makes suggestions. I guess my two options were the NYC or the New thermo shit from AF. Anyone care to share. I really don't want to be too jittery and I walk to and from work and fear with the new thermos I will be sweating my balls off by the time I get to work.


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    I 100% recommend Stacker2 (not the ephedrine free crap either) I have taken it and have seen good results without all the jittery feeling that most eca's give me.

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    I've been taking the thermorex from AF and I gotta say Im very happy with the way it's going. besides that, i agree with Tex Stacker 2 is one of my favorite fat burners as well.

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