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    weight gainer recipes

    When i am out of champion weight gainer and i have some whey lying around i sometimes make my own weight gainer.

    I add (blend)
    : 2 scoops of whey
    : a cup or 2 of milk
    : some fiber
    : crushed ice (very little)
    : some low-fat oreos ()
    : some vanilla ice cream

    im suprised im still alive after drinking that. THe oreos are the key, they make the shake.


    Just thought i would pass on a recipe, if anyone has one similar post it.

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    i always use this one, it's kind of a rough recipe - i got it from an Iowa State football program and Modded it a little

    2 scoops ice cream
    protein (however much is 2 servings)
    2 packets Carnation Insatnt Breakfast
    Small amount of ice

    i drink it before i goto bed and feel like i'm gonna bust

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