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Thread: liquid Clen

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    liquid Clen

    Hey Guys, may I ask a question ? I have asked elsewhere too and done searches but i can't find the answer to this specific question. Can one of you bro's tell me how many drops, from the dropper that comes with clen equals one pill, I have been using 3 drops as one pill.....but I really have no idea and I really dont want to OD on this stuff again as it just about floors you LOL......anyway, hope someone can help. I dont and cant get a syringe so I really need help with this. Thanks bro's

    Kind Regards

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    Well if it's 120mcg/ml then one drop is 2.14mcg if that helps any. 56 drops for 120 mcg

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    How to measure Liquidclen (Clenbuterol ) - 120mcg/ml (1 bottle equivalent to 48 2.5mgs pills

    eye dropper form
    each drop is 2.14mcg of liquidclen (Clenbuterol)

    M-40mcg 18 drops
    T-60mcg 28 drops
    W-80mcg 37 drops
    T-100mcg 46 drops
    F-120mcg 56 drops 0r 1 ml
    S-120mcg 56 drops 0r 1 ml
    S-120mcg 56 drops 0r 1 ml

    -Got this from Bass

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    Thanks bdtr, you've been a great help.

    956Vette, that is EXACTLY what I was looking for, thanks so much, really. I read all your posts and the other bro's and you lways give great advice keep up the good work for sure. Thanks once again bro.
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