What's up guys? I posted this on the workout forum but seeing how supplements are gonna help me with this program I figured I'd ask your guys advice.

Anyway my story is this:

I'm 23 6'0 200 lbs. I have not been on a lifting program in 3 years. I have boxing trained/sparred on and off for a couple years now. I feel like crap. I have a gut. My muscles are soft and atrophied. I have never done roadwork (sprints/jog). I eat like 2 times a day. I average 4 hours sleep a night. I'm a mess. I USED to be in shape that's the sad part. I would like to get back into shape. My ultimate goal is I'd like to compete in amateur boxing at a mucled hard 200 lbs. within the next year WITHOUT taking steroids . What is the best and most realistic path to take? Here are two different courses of action I could take(let me know if you agree) Keep in mind I am in neither lifiting or cardio shape.

1) Get right back into everything at once. Lift 4 days a week, box 5 days a week, run sprints 3 days a week, jog for miles 5 days a week(staring at 1 mile and working up), eat 6-7 clean meals a day, drink 2 gallons of water a day, take supplements (multivitamin,glucosamine,glutamine,creatine,and protein shake), sleep 8 hours a night. etc

I think this could be good because I'm getting right back into everything at once. But I also think it could be bad because I might be overdoing it too soon. I also think my muscles would be even more atrophied with all the cardio I would be doing. I think I would lose alot of weight too fast.Is it possible that with lifting weights I could put on muscle and make myself solid even though I'm doing a ton of cardio? I'm 200 now, if after say 2 months, what would my weight be? Could I still be 200 but be solid?


2) For the next five months just lift weights. NO cardio. Eat clean, take supps, sleep good and lift. After 5 months of just lifting, lift AND run sprints and roadwork for a month. NO boxing. After a month of doing that, than lift, run, and box. I think that would be good because I'd be gradually getting back into everything so I wouldn't be overdoing it. It would also be good because with just lifting and no cardio for 5 months
my muscles would no longer be soft and atrophied and would be solid. But this could also be bad because without doing cardio for 5 months my gut will get even bigger. Is it possible to lose a gut WITHOUT doing any cardio?
So what's better? Remember I'm going all natural. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. You guys know much more than me. Thank you.