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    Question I need Cutting and Bulking Advice

    Hello. I'm a male bodybuilder..6'4..275lbs. I'm not sure about my bodyfat %..not too high..but not low. I have some extra weight around my abs and legs. Anyway..I've just bought a 5 week supply of an ECA stack and a 4 week supply of 1AD and 4AD. I"ve also been taking 5g of Celltech for the last 3 weeks with great success. My question is..what do you think I should do first...take the ECA stack and try to lose the extra 15lbs that i'm carrying..then take the PH and put on some muscle? or..take the PH now...put on the muscle..then do the ECA stack? ECA stacks have worked exceptionally well for me in the past but i'm also curious if I should avoid taking celltech when i start cutting because i've utilized the atkins diet to lose fat and 75g of sugar in celltech contradicts everything that the atkins diet is about. PLEASE HELP!!!

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    This is a personal decision that you will have to make. If the fat bothers you, then cut. If it doesn't, then bulk up.

    If you do cut, then i would cut the cell-tech out, BTW you only need to take 1 scoop per day instead of the recommended two scoops.

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    i'd bulk then cut
    personally i use creatine when i diet down, i find it helps me keep my strenght up when my cals are down.

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