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    Vpx Sports

    Has anyone tried Vpx Sports 1-Test, Paradeca, or Liposomal EQ? Do they work good or should I stick with another brand? If so what are some good brands to use?

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    LMR - Sells the same thing for half the price. I've heard of people reporting the same gains as the VPX line.

    I tried VPX and liked it. I did the 1 Test and EQ.

    I got great results from 1-AD and Biotests 4AD-EC together.

    I think you just have to pick one and try it. Most people swear by the transdermals as being the most effective.

    T1Pro @

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    VPX makes kick ass prohormones, but the cost is too high. They have to cover overhead lol.

    As Sinz stated LMR makes top knotch liposomal prohormones. I am on their Primotest right now. I am a distributor as well. You can email me if you are inetested in the LMR line.

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