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    Good Cycle for 130$ (legal supplements not AS)

    Hey guys, im 16 and not lookin to start AS just yet, DEFINATELY not yet. But I'd appreciate it if you can come up with a good supplemental cycle for me. I already have 10 pounds of whey protein, but i still have 130$ left and ALOT of good food. Lemme know if you have a good supplemental cycle for me, and tell me how well it worked for you! thanks bros!

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    Whey, Creatine, Glutamine, Multi-Vitamin.....
    At 16, eat right, train right and you should grow like a weed bro.


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    At 16 all I did was train heavy and eat as much good food as I could. If I had access to the protein powders they have now, the creatines, and the glutamines, I would have used them too.

    So, I agree completely with the above post...get a good one-a-day multi, a good creatine, a good protein powder, and a good glutamine.

    For protein I'd go with VPX Micellean...
    For a good creatine I'd go with Syntrax Straight...
    For a good multi I'd pick Twinlab...
    For the best glutamine I'd go with VPX...

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    gotta agree with the guys, protein, glutamine, multi's, creatine,or weight gainer if u wanna get crazy

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    I agree witth my partners on this one. And no matter how old you get, don't ever wast your time with legal "steriods " or prohormones. They are all garbage

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    One more person is total agreement- protein, glutamin, creatine and vitamins.

    Do basic compound lifts with free weights. Don't fvck around with the single joint machines for a couple of years until you want to carve up one area.

    deadlift, squat, weighted pull ups, weighted dips, bench and military press. The rest is BS-- want to get big, lift big.

    Mix it up, today barbells, tomorrow dumbells, but max out EVERY set in every session.

    Eat 5-6 six times a day and sleep at least 8-9 hours a night (that is when you grow.)

    Spend the $130 on the babes to help keep your test levels up.

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