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    Question Eas Advant Edge HP Creatine

    Just got this creatine ( 1st time using it ) It was really cheap. 10$ for 60servings, (300 grams). Its creatine monohydrate. how do u guys think it is? Should I use it. and if so. how? thanks!

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    I would go ahead and take it, its fine. It will tell you to load for four days; thats BS. It will also tell you to take 5grams per day but I get much better results off of 10grams per day because so much of it gets destroyed through digestion

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    i think u should use it, just don't expect much. some people can get really good gains off creatine and others don't see a damn thing. just depends on the person. i'm not saying you're not going to gain with it, i'm just saying don't expect to blow up with it either


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