This novel compound is a major alkaloidal principal of Evodia fruits (Evodia rutaecarpa, Rutaceae) that is often referred to in Chinese literature as a “hot nature”herb. Evodiamine shows the amazing ability to burn fat through a mechanism by which the skin of mammals can be thermogenically heated by up to five degrees with no change in core body temperature. If taken in the absence of food, however, evodiamine also has the potential to significantly increase core temperature. Because evodiamine is a vanilloid receptor agonist, this incredible substance has the unique ability to increase heat production and heat loss simultaneously, and dissipate food energy (FAT) as heat. What we have here is a monster fat loss discovery that can help you achieve the lean, hard body you desire without jitters or nervousness. Evodiamine is about to lead us into a new and brighter era in fat loss technology!