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    Night Time Nutrition

    what is the best thing to eat or take right before you go to bed that will help u build muscle during sleep

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    Protein... anything except whey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fLgAtOr
    Protein... anything except whey.
    Roger whey at night, absorbs to need something slow releasing such as casein protein

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    wat do u think of this article:

    Q: Although you've dismissed two of the nighttime protein products I currently take, I feel the idea of a time-released whey protein is a fantastic idea for consumption before bedtime. All my other supplements are AST, but I would like to see your company create the first REAL time-released protein. I'd love to hear your thoughts and keep up the great work.

    A: First off, there is no “time-released” protein. It's a scam. It's a spin. It’s just another supplement full of hot air and no science.

    Now I want to get you to think for a minute. Let's enter the land of make believe - the place most supplement companies live and certainly where they come up with their product ideas. Now let’s say there is a “time released” protein. Pure fantasy I remind you. The real question is - What good would it be? What possible benefit is there?

    Let’s say you take 35 grams of protein (this is the serving size of one of these proteins) before bed that's “magically” time released over an 8 hour period as claimed. That would equal about 4.375 measly grams of protein per hour. Useless! So even if these companies’ make believe products actually were time released, they would be worthless.

    It's a stupid concept and a product that doesn't even exist. And if it did exist, it would be practically useless for promoting muscle growth. Understand that just putting “time-released” on the label doesn’t make a product time-released.

    Another point, it's not a time-release protein from the gut that you want. That, if it existed, would be fundamentally flawed. Do you really believe these so-called time released proteins sit in your gut, in the stomach acids, and by some magical means are automatically released into the bloodstream over the course of 8 hours? And if that was so, what condition would the peptides be in after lingering in your stomach acids for those extended periods? The longer a protein sits in your gut the less effective it becomes.

    Do you really think these supplement companies have developed a protein that actually alters the human digestion process? Come on. Think!

    The fact is you want that protein out of the gut as quickly as possible, so it will not degrade and so that it will deliver the peptides into the bloodstream and to the muscles, where it can support growth and repair.

    Ask yourself why there is no research to support these companies’ wild claims. Research is expensive, make believe products are not. Research reveals the truth, supplement marketing delivers the hype.

    Ask yourself why AST puts so much money and effort into research? Our recent study on VP2 Whey Isolate lays to rest in scientific criteria how effective it is. There is no research on these other proteins. None! All you are getting here is pie-in-the-sky claims that have no scientific support and even the theory is flawed.

    Look, these companies prey on people like you. They want those consumers that give their supplementation no thought beyond the hype of their ads.

    I hate to say it, but you have been had. There are no "time released" proteins and if there were, they would be all but useless.

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