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    Exclamation Muscletech Gave Me Gyno!

    Just came back from my physical, doc found gyno in my right pec! Asked if I was taking any supplements, and told him about the Nortesten i was taking over the summer. He said he was about 100% sure that's what did it to me. DAMN YOU MUSCLE TECH, I HATE YOU! Luckily, it's not that big of a condition yet only 1/2 an inch...but it's still gyno. Stay away from muscle tech for pro hormone product bros, just letting you guys know.

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    dude muscle tech isnt what did it to you, it was a dramatic increase in testosteron and then a conversion to estrogen that caused Gyno... Not Muscle tech.

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    Many prohormones can cause gyno(4AD has been known to be a culprit) thats why you should always use an anti-E, legal or otherwise(6-OXO/Nolva)...


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    Muscle tech gives gyno. Right......

    prohormones does my man. Rommel is right on this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calipso
    Muscle tech gives gyno. Right......

    prohormones does my man. Rommel is right on this one.
    Gyno is a small risk when taking prohormones, but yet, still a risk. Next time use a non-aromatizing PH or PS. Although, even one of those can give gyno to a particularly sensitive person. You may want to use a 4-HT product with your next cycle (Syngex I I believe). 4-HT (especially cyp) has been shown to lower estrogen levels during PH/PS cycles.

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    Anytime there's an increase in Testosterone there will be some that converts to estrogene. Estrogene is what causes edema, high blood preasure, gyno and other sides.

    So yes I can see the pro-hormone not Muscle Tech causing you to get gyno.

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