Ok I ordered my first cycle
4 bottles of the 1-t/4ad transdermal from Legalgear.com
2 bottles of 6-oxo
I want to get some novaldex in case of gyno during cycle. suppossedly research kits sells a liquid version!! Is it the same thing????

Here is what I was thinking
week 1 -4
13 squirts per day of transdermal
one application(6.5 squirts) in the morning before work and one before bed
Post cycle
week 1
600mg 6oxo
week 2,3
400 mg
week 4
finish out last bottle using normal dosages

Ok here is my questions!!
1. Does the length of the cycle seem appropriate (4 weeks)
2. Does the dosages seem ok??
3. Does this seem like a good first cycle??

Also I am currently on a cutting cycle until december 1.
Should I use it during that or should I wait till I start bulking on december 1. I honestly would like to use it now to see how I respond and also save as much muscle loss as possible from being on cutting. If I respond well I was considering trying methyl 1 test with a 4ad trans or ethergel during bulking!!