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    why stack 1ad???

    hey whats up guys?
    sorry for such the newbie question but why stack 1ad and 4ad together? i have done a fair amount of research on prohormones, and AS, but being 20, i feel im still too young to juice. anyways im guessing it works the same as staking AS, to really amplify and help your gains. so what would i benefit in throwin 4ad in with 1ad?? by stacking the two would i be more prone to androgenic sides??? is 1ad not as great alone??? thanks for the help.

    justin g.

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    I personally say people should just take 1-test instead of combining the two. 1-ad converts to 1-test in the liver and 1-test doesn't aromatise. The problem is that the 1-ad can convert back to DHT and that can cause some problems, but in such low amounts, not too many problems at all. The 4-ad is the same thing, it's just supposed to be more effective because it's not supposed to be able to be converted back to DHT.

    I don't see any chemical reason that you should combine the two.

    Just keep in mind that 4-ad and I believe 1-ad only increases test levels for a couple hours. The directions should say to take it half an hour before you workout. If they both say that, then they both only stay in the body for a couple hours.

    And it's not a bad question. A lot of people on here don't really know a lot about prohormones. We just mainly go by what advertisers say and try to figure things out for ourselves. Even though I try to give scientific info, most scientific info is done invitro (in a test-tube), and things can be different in real life.

    Good luck.

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    one important factor is that 4ad combats the side effects of the 1-ad.I started my 1ad a week before the 4ad and i was tired as shit and my libido was down. I didnt feel like doin anything, but after a couple days of 4ad i was back to normal, except for the acne, it probably makes that worse.

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    I would say being tired and the downed libido would be the two most common the gains.


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