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    1-TU by Nutrex? Good Stuff?

    I'm just wondering if anyone has tried this stuff. Here is a sample of their claim.

    1-TU™ by Nutrex contains the only medically approved oral delivery system of any prohormone/pro-steroid product in the US. 1-TU was designed by Germany's foremost steroid expert Manfred Bachmann, author of the best-selling steroid bible 'World Anabolic Review' to mimic the delivery system of Germany's number one oral steroid Andriol ®. Both 1-TU and Germany's most popular steroid utilize an elusive 17-ß-undecanoate ester to shuttle it's steroidal compound into the muscles. 1-TU consists of liquid 1-testosterone -17-ß-undecanoate dispersed in a sesame oil/oleic acid gel cap.

    What do you guys think?

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    From what I read 1-TU is supposed to be very good. The only problem is the process they use to get it past the liver may actually damage the liver. If you keep the cycle short, you should be okay though. This is one of the prohormones that may give you a positive steroid test. Methel 1-test may be a better choice now, but 1-TU is a pretty good product in itself.

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    Let me just say....i like some supps...most I hate....

    But 1-TU is by far the best Ive ever used...the only reason i dont praise it more is because of the price...its a bitch....i was taking 4 or 5 a adds up but the pumps were sick...


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