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    question about protien

    I ave been using optimum why protien for about a year now, its cheap and i think it taste pretty good as far as protiens go. What im wondering is can or does your body get used to the type of protien your taking? do you need to change it up once in a while? maybe go from a whey to a egg, or to a combo protien then back to a whey after while? I am not tired of what i am taking im merly wondering if anyone has experienced any different recations to changing there protien over time to better/worse. anyone have any insight on this?



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    i wouldn't rely on supplement protein as your main source.

    not really what you're asking, but i make a good friggin point

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    i dont think you have anything to worry about.

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    As far as protein powders go, they are all basically made with the same make up of protein. You should get proteins from different sources though. Such as milk, egg, soy, etc. They all have their own benefits.

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