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    Please help possible gyno!!!?!?!?!?!?

    ok i just finished taking a 1ad cycle and towards the last week and a half to 2 weeks i noticed a lump under my left nipple. im not sure if its gyno, because its not sore, itchy or anything. seems like the area might be getting a little more fat but it is hard to tell because i have always had a tiny bit of fat there. also that same area gets this wierd feeling whenever im thinking about it, not really a sore feeling but maybe. if it is gyno will it go away on its own? please help.

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    No, sorry bro. If it is a gyno prob wont. You should get some Nolv and see if that helps. However, if you have NO itch, soreness or any other signs you might be fine....its very easy for it to all be in your mind. 1-AD does not convert to estrogen, but your test levels are high during the cycle and your body will match it with estrogen so the levels are equal. A lot of people forget this and end up getting screwed. Fat is a fixable problem....its the lump that could be permenent.

    Good Luck


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