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Thread: Athlete Help!!!

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    Question Athlete Help!!!

    ok here is my situation...i am a college baketball player and the basketball season is approaching quickly. I have worked very very hard over the summer to get bigger and stronger...but i stopped for a while for certain reasons. Now, i am no longer at that point and i want to get back there but i cant afford any water weight etc. i was tyhinking maybe 1-AD? anything anyone knows that is a good supplement and wont slow me down or anything. also, help with jumping and quickness would be nice.

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    supplements don't aide in jumping and quickness. that's given talent / skill and stuff you can train to improve.

    as for sups, check out once you find out what you're wanting to buy

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    i'd agree with key - consider posting your workout in the workout forum as well - or send me a pm if you'd like - i used to do sport-specific training for basketball - i based a lot of my training on the University of Arizona's training programs...

    good luck bro...

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    for jumping theres nothins like jumping, when mr jordan and his family went to the beach he was the most of the time with water over the waist and jumping jumping jumping. I trained basketball too in a local team for high jumping we used wood boxes, you get one box of as tall as your higher jump and another one a bit more than half tall, you stand over the big one then jump to the floor and then to the little one, in just two jumps (sorry for my spanish way of english) and with days youll be able to do the inverted jumps and then you change boxes dimensions and return to big-small, good luck.

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