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    How young is too young?

    hey im 17 years old and i've been training for 1 1/2 years and 1 year seriosuly. I;m considering on taking some juice later in the future, but as of now im sticking to my whey, creatine, glutamine. When did you guys start taking in juice? Also.... are the side effects really THAT bad?

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    sup mate .. first off theres a search button on the top right that can answer all your questions ..also try outlineing your diet aswell as your training so that we all can critque it and provide you withj some useful insights to maximize your gains .. what type of improvments have you made over your year of serious training .. what sorta progress have you made ? measurements ... lift #'s etc .. if i was you .. i wouldn't consider doing juice until your early 20's atleast .. give your body time to grow and fillout naturally .. don't be impatient like so many others .. take pride in being natural and lifting more then juicers ..look at the juice as being a last resort .. when you reach your natual limits (which at 17 your far from) then perhaps .. but learn what works best for you now at an early age so that when you do hit the juice .. you make the most of it ..

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    You should be at least 21 with at least 2 to 3 solid years of lifting experience.

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