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    353 to 297 to 308 and STUCK

    I was 353 pounds to start this year. Went down to 297 in July and since I moved to Japan in August have gone back UP to 308. I am officially stuck!

    Was a HEAVY gear user from 94 to early 97 and had a mild heart attack that threw me off. Just started exercising this year and have been put on 200mg testosterone carbopol daily which gives me a ferocious appetite but doesn't do much else that I can notice. Probably because my BF is WAY high.

    I swim 1 mile 3 times per week and ride my bike around the base runway here 3 times per week which is about 21 miles total.

    Diet has been cut dramatically but have started intake of more protein since I have started light weights.

    Just wondering what folks who have been at this since I quit 6 years ago might reccomend as far as routine, diet, supplamentation, etc

    I cannot take any of the ephedra products or products with high caffiene (sp)

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    Try to find appetite suppressant's, stick to protein shakes with no carbs, and do high intensity training. What I mean by high intensity training is less weight, more repetitions, but done at a quicker pace(less or shortened breaks inbetween). Good luck getting your weight down man.

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