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    Question Newbie to supplements, need lotssss of help!!!

    Well, first off, I have never taken a supplement or anything in my life. I'm 17, I have been lifting for 1 1/2 years, I'm 5'10, 170 and I am reaching the point where I want to up my rate of growth, since my last football season is coming up in 8 months. So for 8 months I want to work my ass off, and I want to get some supplements that will help me out. I already considered the steroids , but I'm too young and not ready for that yet. I know nothing about supplements, so I was wondering what supplements should I buy, which ones are best for helping gaining mass, and strength. Also besides that, does anyone have a good diet program they could PM me maybe (not one to loose weight!)? Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks.

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    best supplement rite now for you would be solid food...high protein, moderate carbs, moderate to high fats.

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    hey man, try some creatine and maybe something like glutamine and PROTEIN POWDER!!!. I know a lot of my football buddies used that cell tech **** (w/ nitro tech, which is suppposed to be a great combo too bad it cost an arm and a leg.) but they swore by it, so if you got some extra dough then give it a try. Also train your ass off this off season, find yourself a reliable partner who is willing to push you and hit the weights hard. I don;t know what position you play but try to eat relatively clean, tuna, chicken, your basic proteins and get a lot of carbs too, not the ****ty ones like potato chips. Don;t forget to do your speed training in the off season too, i know my old school does it as a class and it helps out a lot when the season rolls around. Hope this helps you out a little, pm me if you got any questions and ill see if i can help, i was in your shoes last year too (my last year of football.) Just do whatever you can so you don;t look back a year from now and think man i wish i woulda done this different, you don;t wanna have any regrets when its over.

    Here's some protein brands you could look into... im sure other people will add more

    optimum whey
    pro-rated ( never tried it but a lot of people on here says its great)
    nitro tech

    as for the creatine and glutamine i don;t really know a lot of the brands, i used the dymatize micronized creatine and prolab glutamine (mainly cause they were relatively inexpensive for the amounts you get). both seem to be effective also

    Also there's your ph's like andro but a lot of people will feel you're too young for that so id do some research before i jumped into something like that. also they may be banned by your state, it depends on your state's high school rules...

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    Get some Micronized Creatine (mainly all types are fine, but I like this kind best), Protein Powder (Optimum Nutrition works great for me, and tastes good too.), and get some amino acids. As for everything else, eat eat and EAT some more. Protein , carbs, and EFA's are the best thing for a growin kid. (you're older then me by a year however, lol). Stay away from the juice, your body produces about 10mg (or grams, I forgot) of testosterone a day, and that's enough for now. Lay off the juice until you're into your 20's. And you could probably start PH's when you're 18 or older. Good luck bro, Hoss.

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