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    cycle supplements

    While on a cycle do most of you guys just stick to protein shakes or should I take more than that? Or does it depend on the cycle you are going to take?

    wk1-4 30mg dbol ED
    wk1-13 375mg Enan E4D(1.5cc every 4 days)
    wk1-10 250mg Deca E4D(1.25cc every 3 days)
    wk6-13 75mg Tren ED
    .25mg L-dex ED + 10mg Nolva ED

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    depends on the might want to look into milk thistle and r-ala for liver protectants while on dbol ...definately Flax Seed and Fish Oils and when you're recovering some Tribulus to help the process even more...that is all from me.

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