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Thread: Weight gainers?

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    Weight gainers?

    Hi, after taking creatine/nox2/whey for a week I have gained 7#'s but I still want to gain more(faster). I was wondering if anyone has takin weight gainers and if so what kind of weight did you gain, fat or muscle because if you gain fat from it I'm not gona take it. Thanks for your help.

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    7lbs in a week? and your dissatisfied? I don't understand what 7#'s is. When bulking your going to most likely gain fat but weight gainers are practically useless real food is better. You have the supplements you need to gain weight.

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    7pounds a week? That's really good. The most i've gained was 40 pounds in two months.

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    you gain any faster it's gonna be all fat. I tried that route already. Even 7lbs at a continued pace like that is gonna be fat.

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    7lbs is prolly water and fat, you sould aim for 3-6lbs max. and some of that will be fat. mass powders are a waste, take that money your blowing on that crap and buy chicken.

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    7lbs/week is not unheard of, at least when you're just starting out. Don't expect to continue growing at that rate...

    also, most weight gainers are extremely high in sugars and not ideal - even in a bulking diet.

    Keep working hard, and fine-tune your diet, and you'll continue to grow...

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