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    Impact Nutrition Is A Scam Operation : Please Read And Recommend
    Here is some interesting info about so-called steroid guru Jeff Summers and his scam operation called Impact Nutrition. Their main products are Maxteron, Equibolan and dermagain. Please recommend this article to anyone asking about them.

    Fact #1 : Jeff Summers is not a real a person

    There once was a dumbass with a knack for ripping people off that went by the name of Bart Harcourt (I know, I laughed too when I found out). Now with a name like that you arenít really gonna sell anything are you ? So Bart decided to make up another name (I did that when I was a kid too, didnít we all ?) and profile himself as the big steroid guru. Oh yeah, I really trust a man that has to change his name to become a valid source of information.

    If any of you are wondering where you can obtain Jeff Summers knowledge on steroids , I suggest you read Anabolics 2000, a book by his former employee Bill Llewellyn. If any of you want to become bigger steroid guruís than Bart, then I suggest you buy Billís new book, Anabolic 2002. Bartís such a cheap skate he probably wouldnít have bothered to buy it. Why I call him a cheap skate ? Weíll get into that later

    Fact #2 : Jeff Summers earns a living from another manís inventions

    Impact Nutrition, Jeff Summers scam operation, I mean company, has two prize assets in the forms of the prohormones 5AA, marketed as Maxteron, and 1,4-andro, marketed as Equibolan. Apart from my objections to steroid like names we need to note that these are not inventions belonging to Impact Nutrition. Though Jeff/Bart will attempt to tell you otherwise, I dare any man to pull the patent forms on 5AA and 1,4-andro. The patent number is 6.242.436. Check the name on their and I assure you its not Jeff Summers or Bart Harcourt. Its Bill Llewellyn, former employee of Impact Nutrition and now CEO of Molecular Nutrition. That means the patents to both these substances are owned by another company entirely. Since then Mr.Llewellyn has invented a more potent form of 5AA and isnít even selling that anymore, eventhough he owns the patent. What does that tell you ?

    Fact #3 : Impact Nutrition scams its employees

    Speaking of Bill Llewellyn, there is an ongoing legal matter between Bart and Mr.Llewellyn. About two specific issues. The first is the ownership of the patents, the other is the royalties of the book Anabolics 2000.

    On the first matter I think its an open and shut case. Bart has a big mouth now, but if there is one thing they are good about protecting in America its patents. Your wife can get raped, your children kidnapped, your dog shot, but if you have a patent, you own the product. At least for 20 years. Bill Llewellynís name is on the patent application first of all. But whatís the dumbest thing Iíve ever heard is that Jeff Summers is stupid enough to disprove his own lies on his website. Two of the most important articles documenting the efficiency of Equibolan and Maxteron were written by Bill Llewellyn, it says so righ there ( underneath the title. It also starts off with the words ďThis is an extremely special project to me, as it represents my greatest accomplishment to date.Ē Thatís Llewellyn speaking on the Impact website. So donít tell me Jeff/Bart doesnít know heís bullshitting everyone. He doesnít own the patents, heís making a living of another manís inventions.

    On the second matter , this is what Molecular nutrition issued as a statement and I quote :
    To me it seems that his obvious greatest accomplishment to date in this field was ďdiscovering and publishingĒ MY book Anabolics 2000. I cannot understand the audacity of this man to put his picture next to a book written by someone else in an attempt to lend himself (or his fictitious character, sorry) credibility. How do you ďdiscoverĒ a book anyway?
    You should know also that despite the fact that he continues to sell and promote Anabolics 2000, he has STOPPED sending me royalties checks for the book. This WILL be remedied in a second lawsuit, as his company will not get away with withholding revenues from an author.
    Now it seems to me there is an impasse here. But ask yourself, even if Bill wasnít able to take full credit for writing the book, and he can, one needs to wonder, if his name is listed as an author, doesnít he own half the royalties no matter what ? To further document Impacts wrongs in this matter, go ask Jeff some steroid questions and see what he comes up with. Then compare that to Bill Llewellyn who is held in high regard as one of the top authorities in the field in the online bodybuilding community.
    Fact #4 : Impact is scamming its customers

    Lets face it, there is no product worth mentioning in Impactís arsenal besides these two. Donít kid yourself. Genedge is a mere concoction of GH boosters that have failed in numerous generic preparations in the past, Phenfree is a living joke and dermagain is some 4AD and Nor-diol in alcohol. I can make that stuff for half the price it costs in my own kitchen. Thatís no joke, Iíd be happy to list how you do it if you feel like having a go. 70 bucks my ass.

    But Impact is totally ripping your off. I urge you strongly not to buy anything from them ! Here is why. Impact markets equibolan, which is a bottle of 4.5 grams of 1,4-androstadienedione and sells it for 70 bucks. That exact same compound can be bought from Molecular nutrition in doses of 6 grams (33% more), which owns the patent application for it for 60 bucks standard, and 40 bucks if you look around. for example sells that product (Boldione) for 40 dollars. It also sells Higher Power Ganabolin, which is 3 grams of 1,4-andro for 23 dollars. Both cost under half of what Impact charges per gram.

    Then there is Maxteron, which is 3 grams of 5-alpha-androstan-3beta,17-beta diol. It also sells for 70 bucks. Higher Power masterbolan has the same exact compound (which is very cheap to come buy, barely costs a few bucks to make. They make it from 5AD) for 19 dollars. The exact same amount. Only 50 bucks cheaper. If thatís not a rip-off, I donít know what is. A lot of other companies sell this stuff too, itís the base for syntraxís new 5A2 ether compound. Molecular Nutrition, who has the patent, has even stopped marketing it. It is now selling 3-alpha (a different 5AA isomer) which is 4 times more active in converting to the target hormone DHT. And it too sells for a lot less. 3 grams, the same amount, for 60 bucks or for 40 bucks at online discount stores like Thatís 4 times better results, for 30 bucks less.

    If thatís not ample proof of a major scam operation, then you deserve to lose your money. Then you are probably dumb enough to believe Jeff Summers ďsteroid guruĒ rap as well.

    [Fact #5 : Jeff Summers is intent on spreading lies to discredit others[/b]

    Seems our friend Bart has repeatedly tried to discredit the similar or better, cheaper products of other companies. This is an excerpt from his site anabolic insider and I quote :

    Hereís the bad news, as soon as IMPACT introduced Equi-bolan and Maxteron at least 3 manufacturers knocked them off. Many of these knockoff companies had called IMPACT Nutrition for the Equi-bolan and Maxteron substances, but they simply would not sell them to these companies. So the companies decided to go behind Impactís back and try to get the substance from other sources. Little did they know Equi-bolan and Maxteron raw materials are not available in the USA? The substance is imported through an exclusive relationship between Impact and an elite chemical company overseas. Meaning itís virtually impossible for the knock off product to contain any real Equi-bolan and Maxteron active ingredients or produce any anabolic resultsĒ

    Thatís the biggest load of crap if I ever heard it. The stuff other companies use, like most raw materials for prohormones comes from China and is very high in quality. Iíve had the liberty of designing a number prohormone products for another firm which got these substances at unbelievably advantageous prices and so far the results are nothing shy of amazing., the number one web retailer in raw materials commented that these substances could be obtained and sold to anyone for far less, if there was ample demand (and on a side not, I would urge everyone to increase demand because I need to get my hands on some). Even if you donít want to risk trying generic brands (and who can blame you), youíd still know Molecular had equal or superior material since Bill Llewellyn is the inventor.

    But for those of you interested in the real truth, take the stuff to a lab and see what gives. I did, and believe you me, itís the EXACT same stuff. So a friend of mine called Impact. The person on the other side did not seem very awake at the time and gave off the air of being a pimply-faced teenager. He asked them straight out if it was the same stuff and the kid went and gave him a rap about 17 something or other. Not very convincing, not at all clear, and from what I gathered it made no sense to anyone with half a shred of knowledge in these matters. He then asked if it was true they were suing Bill Llewellyn. They hung up.

    On a last note, you should be aware that Jeff Summers has begun mailing some of his chief antagonists on several online communities. It seems we must be hurting his revenue by exposing him as the evil bald-headed, lying, cheating, scamming midget that he is. He is asking us kindly not to call him ďidiotĒ and ďdumb-assĒ. The idiotic dumb-ass is also trying to convince people of his right in the matter of Impact vs. Llewellyn. Well now you know the real score.

    Birds of a feather flock together, and I hear from a lot of my friends who are high profile-members of the online bodybuilding community as well, that they have received this email. I have not. Seems Mr.Harcourt knows my sphere of influence and is trying to keep me out of it. My lifeís work is exposing frauds like him. So fat chance. Here I am, Jeff, in your face. Your scam op is going down the drain, one way or the other.

    I thank everyone sincerely for giving me open forum on this, and I hope if anyone aks you about Impact nutrition or Jeff Summersí ugly ass, youíll refer them to this post for a dose of truth. Thank you.

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    hummm if this is true, then hell i goin with what you said....

    wow i just say the prices at good prices alot cheaper than what i was going to "give" Impact Nut i think my total to them was around 400$ glad i didn't do it. thanks for the heads up

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    This is kind of an old thread...but I decided to bump it while I was here...because I know that some people think I'm abrasive, controversial, etc...

    But I'd actually like to point out that controversy in the nutritional/steroid world has been going on before me, and will go on after me.

    I think this might give people an idea of what's come down the pike before my Research Guide and *******...

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    good find anthony!

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