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    ephedrine vs ephedra

    whats the difference?

    why one over the other?

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    ephedra is the herbal form and ephedrine is the synthetic form i believe... correct me if i'm wrong. i've used both and really couldnt tell a difference between the two. just my 2 cents

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brazy
    whats the difference?

    why one over the other?
    like mekler said... ephedra is the herbal form. but the active ingredient in it is the ephedrine alkaloid. its just that ephedra contains a lower concentration of ephedrine (like 6-10%.... i might be wrong though... can't remember off the top of my head)... versus buying ephedrine which is basically the pure form of it (well... along with the binders and other stuff thats thrown into making tablets)...... so i guess it could be said that ephedra should be slightly milder than ephedrine.... unless you took it in doses that would compensate for the lower concentration

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