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Thread: dianobol usage

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    dianobol usage

    I'm 23 170, 5'8" and have been working out on and off for a few years. It always seems that no matter how long i've stuck with it for peroids at a time i've never picked up much size. I'm not looking to get huge or anything, i'm just tring to get a more in shape look. I really don't want to be more than 180. My normal wieght is about 155 (well before i started partying) Anyway i'm just thinking about taking dianobol to see if i can tone my body and hopefully turn some fat into muscle. I'm basically just trying to get a little stronger so I can do my job a little easier and get in shape to be ready to build a house. I rebuild transmissions for a living, so i'm just trying to get to the point where i can through them around a little easier. Anyway I was looking into dianbol and was wondering if this would be something to use for a one time use. I have a bottle of 100, but i'm not really finding any info on what kind of dose to take and work out scheduals around it, and what kind of foods to be eating with it. Like I said i'm not looking for huge results just a little jump start to build a little mass.

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    go into the steroid forum and ask ur question there........

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