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    M1T Cycle Suggestions

    I will be running this cycle for 4 weeks.

    Legal Gear's M1T 10mg/day Bump to 20mg/day Week 2 if needed
    Legal Gear's 4AD+ - 4 Squirts/Day
    Hawthorn Berry - 500mg/day
    NAC - 500mg/day
    Creatine - 5g/day
    ZMA - 3 Capsules/day Before Bed
    Nitrix - 9 Tablets/day

    Nolvadex 40mg/day for 2 weeks
    Nolvadex 20mg/day for 2 weeks

    Calories - 3500+/day
    Protein - 230+/day

    Weight - 170
    Bench - 200x2
    Squat - 225X10

    Are there any supplements I should add/remove?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    LM1332 Guest
    i dont think you need to cycle 4AD in because if you wanna do it mix it with 1AD instead. Since M1T works good on its own. My friend used M1T and gained a lot of streignth and muscle in two weeks. 14lbs to be exact. He went from 178 to 192. Squats from 375 to 415

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