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    high protien shake or wieght gainer shake?

    What is best used with prohormones? a protien shake with around 70grams of protien per shake, but with only 4.0 grams of carbs.


    A weight gainer shake with slightly less grams of protien, but with much more carbs.

    Maybe some people have better ideas of the correct nutritional diet using SUPPLEMENTS, not ordinary food with pro hormones.

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    it really depends on your goal bro. If you're just looking to get shredded you dont want as many carbs, calories, etc. On the other hand, if you're looking to just get massive, stick with the weight gainer. By the way, note that sometimes weight gainers have very low quality protein. If it was up to me, go buy some N-Large: 50g protein, 600 calories, plus many extra amino acids.

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    why not both ??

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    Yeah, why not both? I drink whey protien shakes x2 a day and my weight gainer 1x or 2x's a day.

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    LM1332 Guest
    the deal is though body cant consume more then 40grams of protein per meal so youll be wasting the rest

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    Quote Originally Posted by LM1332
    the deal is though body cant consume more then 40grams of protein per meal so youll be wasting the rest
    That is incorrect. Various studies have been shown to prove that it varies between a person's body type, acitvity levels, etc...

    I would say anywhere from 40-70g depending on the person is good, not a waste.

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