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    expensive protein worth it?

    I've heard about beverly international from a few people who said it was the best. Especially their protein called muscle provider. It is priced at 2 pounds for 45.00 but I can get it for 32. The company basically says that it's better to pay more for something that works than pay less for something that doesn't. It is expensive and I wonder if you guys think it is worth it or not.

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    I use cheap **** and it works awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LORDBLiTZ
    I use cheap **** and it works awesome.
    If you are serious about putting on some meat, you are going to be using a LOT of protein powder in your life. I mean a LOT.

    I buy in BULK based on taste and price, I like the taste EAS and the bang for your buck of N Large 2. I average two packages of EAS and four scoops of N Large a day. Adds up, but I don't have the time to eat, much less cook the 100+ g of protein this provided. Thank God I not a starving student.

    The answer really depends on your budget and taste.

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest

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    I buy cheap protein because of the reasons mentioned above, I go through so much, that it would cost a fortune to buy expensive ****, when it's gonna do the same job as what my cheap one is doing.

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    It really depends on your system and what you can tolerate. I only use the expensive protien powders because I don't like being all gassy, which is the most common effect of protien. I can also get the runs with the cheap stuff. And the cheaper stuff usually isn't as easy for your body to use. I eat a lot of steak, chicken, tuna, etc., so I don't have to rely on protein shakes too much. I also drink Nepro, which has a lot of protein in it. It is very expensive, but it has more than just protein, it has all of the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc. a 4oz can costs about $4. I drink about 4 of those cans per day and that gives me more that what I need for the day, and the food I eat is just extra. Since I do that, I don't have to use the powdered protien except for post workout and two hours after working out.

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    4,353 get isolate its the purest form of whey, its cheap, and the strawberry taste really good..

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    Don't subscribe to the fact that the more expensive the better.

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