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Thread: gaining weight

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    Question gaining weight

    I have a very fast metabolism and i'm trying to pack on the lbs. what would be the best weight gainer to aid in this process. yes, my diet is in order, i eat around 7-9 times a day, its just hard to keep my cals up, not to mention keeping them totally clean (which i do for the most part). thanks

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    I used to eat 7 meals a day and I couldnt gain weight for nothing. Basically when your eating that many times a day your metabolism stays working very fast. I switched to 3-4 very big meals a day and I've gained almost 15 pounds in one year.

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    Are you counting your calories? How many calories do you get per day?

    Try this, before bed combine the following in a blender:
    - 1lb of Yogurt (regular or lowfat)
    - 2 scoops of whey or caesinate protein
    - 1 large ripe bananna
    - 1/4 - 1/2 cup of water

    Blend and enjoy about 800-900 clean calories.

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    a) You must not be counting calories.
    b) 7-9 meals a day is absurd
    c) 5-6 meals each containing 500-600 clean calories and 40-50 grams of protein is sufficient for a 200 pound person
    d) You can "pack on" fat, but muscle takes time to grow. If you are gaining 1-2 pounds of muscle a week, you are really doing well. Have real expectations.

    Sorry to say, but your diet is not in order. It will be in order when you plan 5-6 meals each and every single day meeting the guidelines above. Without a complete plan, you are spinning gears.

    Good luck.

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    definitely count the calories, utilize a scale it helps tremendously. As far as 7-9 meals being absurd is ridiculous. I eat 10 times per day, granted 2 of the those times are just protein shakes,another one of just eating vegetables, but I see nothing wrong with utilizing the time well for additional meals for bulking. Personally I can not go on 5 meals, too long of time between and I get hungry, I prefer to eat whenever I can whether I'm hungry or not.

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    When we put on weight quickly, it's fat. If you're very, very thin, then it's not a problem. I was 135lbs for the longest standing at 6'1. For me, putting on fat was not going to cause any health issues.

    Like TheGame said, eating several meals per day does increase your metabolism. But you really have to eat more than 3 times a day in order to get the calories you need.

    I had a very hard time getting weight on. When I started on here in Sept, I was up to 160, now I'm at 170.

    Eating clean is not the way to put on fat, but it is good for putting on muscle. You have to eat empty calories, keep your carbs very high, eat a lot of protein, etc.

    This is what I did to get myself to put on weight.

    First, I went for like four day without eating anything. I only drank water. I did that to get my body to start burning fat and get to a point that it would think that there is a shortage of food and will want to store food when it does finally get it. I was also not very active at all.

    I started working out to build my muscles back up and I started eating a lot of food about 4 meals per day. I ate about 1-2lbs of food per meal. I only drank Gatorade to keep my carbs high.

    I did that for about a month and then I stopped eating again for another week and then started eating the same way again. I only did it twice, but I now have much more fat on me than ever before. Being so extremely thin, I don't look fat at all, my muscles are still very clear, only my stomach lost some defenition.

    Since your body uses carbs for energy first, and doesn't normally store it in the body, any food you eat that is not a carb will be stored in the body because it now thinks it will have to go through another period of no food at all, so it wants to be prepared.

    I plan on going on a prohormone cycle within the next couple months, and after I'm done with that, I'll go on a cutting cycle to drop some of the fat I've put on.

    If you have no choice but to be very active, then this approach isn't good, because it can be dangerous.

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    If you have to then you need to keep count of all cals taken in. Use it as a base and build from there. It is alot of work but since all of our bodies are different you gotta find wha works for you. Good Luck

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