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Thread: No2 ?'s

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    No2 ?'s

    Does No2 disserve t he hype. If you took it, were you satisfied. how much did you gain and did you loose anything when coming off

    also, for my weight, i will take 4 caps twice daily. Are you supposed to take the four all together, or space them out trhoughout the morning

    also, i hear you are supposed to cycle off creatine for 10 days.
    What i read Briefly (now i cant find that add) is kind of confusing.
    do I
    A. today, go off creatine, in 10 days start NO2 and creatine or
    B. Stop taking creatine today, start NO2 tomarro, then 10 days later add creatine back in(i think it is B but i just want to be certain)
    i hope i didnt make that confusing

    any help would be greatly appreciated

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    New to NO2

    I was just wondering if taking NO2 is bad if you don't cycle off creatine for the full 10 days. It's only been about 3 and i don't feel like waiting.

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