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    Pill like Xenadrine

    This guy at the gym was telling me about a pill that he takes that is similiar to Xenadrine RFA that he was able to stock up on before Ephedra got pulled. it is Cyto"?" I am not sure what the rest of the name is but he showed it two me and it came in little packs of two pills and you could buy it by the box. I was trying to find out on the net what it was since I have not seen him recently. If anybody has any idea what I am talking about or where I can get it I would appreciate it. I would liek to get some Xenadrine at some decent prices too if any body had any ideas.

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    i know Thermo-Pro.....from Prolab comes in little packets of 2 pillS..........which i think works pretty sure if you can still get it with Eperdra

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    New York State Is Wack. They Banned The Great Ephedrine Already.

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    todd make your own eca.. get caffine asprin and bronakid which has 25mg's of Ephedrine hcl.. same amout as xenadrine..

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