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    creatine and glutamine?

    i started to take creatine and glutamine. i take my glut right after my workout and drive home then i take my creatine, wait about 15 and take protein w/ carbs. is this good? also is there a difference in quality or brand of supps (creatine, glut)?

    P.S. remember you all are the best and thankyou so much for this site...

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    Lately I've been splitting up my creatine supplementation
    I take 5grams 30 min before a workout and then another 5 grams of creatine plus a scoop of glutamine right after a workout with my shake

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    Taking your creatine before and after the workout seems to be the way most people do it right now.It is believed that this way aids the performance whilst working out.Do not take Glutamine if you are going to have a protein shake straight afterwards.I take mine first thing in the morning or last thing at night when I know I will not be consuming any protein within an hour of taken.protein reduces the absorbtion of this supplement.

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