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Thread: I Need Advice!!

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    Question I Need Advice!!

    Hey, I'm 18yrs old, and been lifting for about a year, but I'm lookin to find a product or suppliment other than my basic protiens (I need to get big fast to try and walk on to my schools lacrosse team this spring). Just wondering what are the MOST EFFECTIVE, legal powders, pills or whatever, you guys have used and liked the most. My friend claims this stuff called growth factor 1 did it for him...anyone know anything bout that?? The advice is appreciated!!! Thanks boys.

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    Creatine and protein is all you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RP7
    Creatine and protein is all you need.
    I don't care much for creatine, but some people it works well for. Keep your protein intake high and your diet in check, at your age, you can grow quite rapidly. There's no quick fix here, as far as otc gf1, just forget about it, you'll be wasting your money

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    Up your food intake rapidly and youll gain a ton of energy and strength, try eating between 5000-7000 calories per day, up your protien intake as well. I wouldnt suggest growth factor one I know some people who have taken it and said it didnt do anything. There is no amazing supp. that will get you strong and big REALLY fast.

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    protein, creatine, glutamine, and a multi vitamin

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