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    hydroxycut question

    for past 6 months my goal was gaining weight and muscle mass. now id like t o start preparing for the summer i have noticed i have a bit of a gut from all the eating ive done can someone please let me know how hydroxycut will effect my gut .. i dont want to loose any muscle mass or as little as possible. any information or cycle/diet advice would be great. thanks

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    Get Xenadrine. You'll have to take a maximum 4 capsules per day, instead of 10-12 Hydroxycut capsules. And it works better IMO.

    And for those members that have heard this from me before, no I'm not getting paid by Cytodyne. I should get a percentage.

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    ... adding on.

    Hydroxycut... good
    Xenadrine... better
    Generic ECA stack... best

    Hydroxycut is most expensive, by far. Must be because of all those 6 six page spread ads in Muscle mags. Xenadrine contains the same stuff by label, but it's cheaper. If you dig a little deeper, you can find a good quality ECA stack with the same stuff as the above for a fraction of the cost.

    Like the others have said, be careful with it. Cycle off of it after awhile. How long to stay on it is dependent on your body. For me, I feel the effects wear off after about 2 months. I'll take a month off and go back on again.

    Good luck.

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