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Thread: topical fatloss

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    topical fatloss

    Anybody out there used the new Ergopharm topical fat loss product.

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    beatin it up...
    Quote Originally Posted by manillagorilla
    Anybody out there used the new Ergopharm topical fat loss product.
    Have a friend who used it. Some will argue that it works awesome. But IF it did work, it would only be for people who are already very lean (no higher than 8% bf). If you want to get shreded get a good diet set up.

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    most people that use it also change their diet as put 2 and 2 together and there's your results....ultimately one must realize that the only way to spot reduce fat is to get lypo suction.....i wouldnt really invest my $$$ on that crap. JMO

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    I have used it and it worked rather well for me. But yes, my bodyfat was under 8%. I have also used Avant Labs Lipoderm Y and that also produced visible fat loss. Again, I was very low in bodyfat.

    Neither are miracle workers, but simply finishing touches.

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