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    Unhappy Methyl 1 testerone users

    i am 16 yrs old and weight about 90lbs. and was thinking about using methyl 1 test. how bad well it mess up my system. if i used it for about 2 weeks. and if i did what other supplements would i need to take with it. what if i was to take about 5mg or 10mg a day with a milk thistle.

    and also what other supplements could i take to get the best gains as possible and will creatine monohydrate work for me. if u got any othere info that would help me fell free to leave some

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    Listen at 16 your waaaay too young to be messin with your hormones....i was dumb and did real deal at 20 and i regret it very much...took almost 2 years to get my system up and running. at your age you have enough Testosterone running through you that equals a joke...if you want to gain weight eat like an lean proteins, low GI carbs from yams, oats, fruits, veggies and whole grains.....if you diet properly you will grow without any supplements.

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