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    M1t Long term effects ?

    If you do m1t for 2 weeks + 4ad and some 6oxo (I know get clomid, but I need OTC). Are there any lasting side effects ?

    With that short of Cycle what can happen to your liver or your nads ?

    Has anyone ever permanently lost their wood pile from 2 weeks even of Pure Juice ?

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    Two weeks isn't that long, so you don't have to worry much. If M1T really does have an androgen in it (I say that because there is always some doubt in the honesty of suppliment manufacurors), the effects on the liver would disipate after about a week anyway (it's the gathering of enzymes in the liver to break down the alkylate and methylate chain and those enzymes break down and disipate). I (once again) don't really trust much of what suppliment manufacturors say, so I wouldn't trust what anyone says about it not aromatizing or not being able to shut down your own testosterone production, so I would still suggest a person take the normal anti-estrogens.

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