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Thread: Tribulus doses

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    Tribulus doses

    How much tribulus is recommend for pct? mg wise...Along with clomid

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    bro you'll get mixed reviews on this. ive never run it but ive seen guys run anywhere from 1-4g/day

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    Quote Originally Posted by symatech
    bro you'll get mixed reviews on this. ive never run it but ive seen guys run anywhere from 1-4g/day
    4 grams of tribulus or 400 mg of 100:1 tongkat ali extract. I understand the brand called Red Kat is a 600:1 tongkat ali extract, I just got some for about $32 a bottle on the internet and just switched and the red kat is even stronger (feel headrushes within the hour of taking a couple due to a rush of testosterone in blood stream).

    I did the tongkat on my PCT and it basically did away with the testosterone shut down but went as far as to give me even greater simptoms of high testosterone then I had when I was on 500 mg week of testosterone en.

    I cant get over what tongkat is doing to me, I am 6 weeks since last test en injection, I gained 5 lbs of hard muscle in last 2 weeks and get this, I am NOT taking any protein shakes, no weight gainer shakes, working out only once a week and only eating between 2500 and 3000 calaries a day. There is also like ZERO water gain and abs are making a stronger appearance so body fat is decreasing too.

    I am getting insomnia so bad, only slept 4 hours a night last few nights but still always feel energetic and well rested. I am hot blooded all the time or having hot flashes, sweating even on cool windy days, acne like I never had before and very oily skin, heavy appetite, incredible regrowth of nuts after they had done some serious shrinking when on cycle, sex drive is "stronger" then I had when on testosterone enanthate . Had I known tongkat was so strong I would have done them instead of steroids as I am almost getting steroid like growth when I should be loosing much of my steroid gains in PCT.
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    tribulus terrestris

    I was wondering what kind of dose I should be taking of tribulus. I take vitrix, which has a pretty high dose of tribulus as recommended. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice and what to take with the tribulus and how much to take?

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    Bro anywhere from 1 to 4 grams based on personal opinion

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