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    NoX w/ creatine or not?

    I have been on creatine for a while and really have'nt noticed much (probably from my high red meat intake). (don't worry diet and training are sufficient) So I started my nitrix cycle this week, but I have a problem. I continuosly read differences of opinion on wether creatine supplementation should be stopped during NoX cycling or not. Someone help me with this.........I want the real deal. EXAMPLE:Someone at the gym yesterday said that creatine cancels out the NoX effects. Whats up? Thanks

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    creatine and nitrox go hand in hand with each other
    from my understanding, nitrox dilates the blood vessels allowing more protein, oxygen, an nitrogen to get into your muscles, thus you build more muscle and dont die out as fast in the gym. So if your taking creatine, the nitrox will only help it get into your muscles, therefore allowing the creatine to have a greater effect, acting WITH the nitrox

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    right behind ya
    You have to stop creatine for 10 days or else it will cancel the effects of the NOX2. After 10 days, you can begin to cycle in creatine again.

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    from everything ive heard creatine doesnt cancel the nitrix out cuz they have produced a product with both of them in it (no-explode) has both creatine and nitrix in it... so ya go with the creatine and the nitrix just next time to save a lil money go ahead and get the no-explode it has both of the compounds in it... i just finished my first bottle of the no-explode and have seen sick pumps and awsome mucsle and strength gains... good luck bro

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    i tried this combo and it had no effect, in my oppinion NOX2 is junk, i had 3 bottles .. took the recommended dose of 6 per day, along with my creatine, and i also cycled off the creatine for the first 10 days, ran that for about 3 monthes untill i ran out of NOX2 and like i said i didn't notice anything. I was hoping for atleast better pumps but not even those came. I would run the NOX2 untill u run out and don't waste your money on it again, i just bought some high quality creatine; SANs V-12 turbo, and my pumps our far supperior with it then they were with just cheap GNC creatine and NOX2. With that being said save ur money and just purchase good creatine and ur other needed supplements, such as vitamins and stuff.
    Good luck

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